Ronald J. Gardner


The Author, often labeling himself as “Your Presenter,” expressing, often in great silence, a Gratitude to his God, Yahweh, the One and Only, truly Living God, for what little he really does know, aside from what other people think he knows, has been hastily scribbling indecipherable notes, creating multitudes of ignored info-files, writing several books and too many treatises for too many years with too little recompense and hardly read by anyone else. (Yet he readily admits, amidst his proverbial and as often literal poverty, having observed these prior and next consistent facts several times, that the exceedingly successful author is ultimately a most miserable being, oppressed by admirers and cheated by publishers, thus not long for the poorhouse; why leave it, only to return?).

The content of this website is the results of the Author’s many years experiences in unwittingly acquiring a considerable amount of supposed skills at general research and composition in many formats, proven only in the duress of the moment of other’s litigious miseries, derive from extensive labors in the “legal field” of law research and drafting legal pleadings for various jurisdictions on a wide variety of subjects.

While constantly (tho’ carefully, and not too often, either) thanking his God Yahweh for not making him a lawyer nor an attorney, and rightfully disdaining the works of lawyers & attorneys (his having coined the rarely heard and thus un-popular phrase, “It’s cheaper to be a loser than to hire an attorney to do anything”), he had for a while perfected the protesting “pro-per”-styled Pleading & Practice form and format (his motto being: "Forget Victory!").

He also conducted several private law research classes for the enlightenment of similarly minded adherents (always keeping in mind that painfully learned and greatly remembered, if not now distant memory, that there will always be “a fly in every soup, and a spy in every group”), in the pursuit of the Correct Understanding and thus rightful Restoration of the Original Intent of State Sovereignty when (re)establishing the Constitution for the United States of America (as it was once known and probably never will be known ever again).

And having suffered more or less as much as others have for the Doing of It, when considering the Nation’s worsening plight of today, he (sometimes) laments having squandered (not enough of) the flower of his middle-age years in the law libraries in that same Pursuit. Nonetheless, knowing no man can order his own steps, the rough roads, bad bounces, hard knocks and tough times brought him to this point, and probably will tumble him along for a while longer, merely to remind him of his Place in the world.

The Author also particularly enjoys encountering and correcting Error, particularly his own, towards which he laffs heartily, there being none other to do the first two, yet plenty, the third; and that of others, which places him upon the Test of his Sincerity, to correct them in a manner suitable if not also pleasing to his God, and to His Son, the Master Christian, as He is not-so-often addressed.

Nonetheless, to enlighten the minds of many more people than he would ever ((not)want to) meet, being those less-skilled who seek greater knowledge on topics they themselves are unable to presently acquire, the Author presents these few scribblings into a digitalized form and format, in support of that Claim. Considering the size of them, if they were "in print," each would make a good door-stop, and if all of them together, a great bonfire.

And with all that said, and more, if space were available, he closes, propounding thusly. Therefore, please accept his warmest Respect & Believe him to be expressing his heartfelt sentiments of Esteem, for The Author has the honor of being, and remains... Your often Humble, and occasionally Obedient Servant (most of the time, anyway). Your often Humble, and occasionally Obedient Servant (most of the time, anyway).