Inclusiveness & Exclusiveness

Race and Crime in Iowa, Part 2

The Ames Inclusiveness Community Task Force "Final Report,"

And, Your Presenter's "Comments" on that Report.


A. The original Ames, Iowa INCLUSIVE COMMUNITY TASK FORCE REPORT Presented to City Council on May 13, 2008.

Wherein these august citizens, as Members of the appointed Task Force established by the City Council of Ames, Iowa during late November 2007, and assigned to Investigate such Matters and Report upon It, and present the Same to the Ames City Council, et al., now arrive at their conclusions regarding their recommendations on how to resolve the Black and White racial conflict issues, by suggesting the White Ames citizens offer more and do more to help Blacks feel more "welcome" in Ames.

B. Comments submitted by Your Presenter to the City of Ames, regarding the TASK FORCE FINAL REPORT.

A Commentary wherein Your Presenter of this overall work, abbreviated often as the "Inclusiveness Commentary," presents in this separate Document his views and objections regarding the matters raised by the Task Force's "Final Report"; and briefly expresses his concerns regarding the racial “Inclusiveness & Exclusiveness,” and the overall Cultural Dis-Harmony Of certain Radical, Racial Types and Kinds in Ames, Iowa, arrived at as a result of his own Independent Investigation of this same racial conflict, conducted by Your Presenter, in Response to “the call” of The “Ames Inclusiveness Community Task Force” to the citizenry at large to provide such "comments" (although they never expected this!).

(See also Attachment I., another version of the City of Ames' Task Force "Final Report").