You be good – or, You be gone: The "Content of their Character," more readily revealed

Race and Crime in Iowa

You be good – or, You be Gone:

The Content of their Character, Revealed


This is Your Presenter's Book, in PDF format (est. 329pp.), sometimes referred to in the Text as the "Inclusiveness Commentary," wherein is described the demographic record of the people of Ames, and of Story County, and of Iowa in general; then a description of the crime rates in those areas, derived from official responses to Your Presenter's Public Records Requests to the several law enforcement agencies and local, state, and federal education and health departments. These are followed by a serious discussion of the many racial conflicts issuing from those statistics, as such conflicts burden and oppress the many different peoples of America, and of Iowa in general, and here in Ames in particular.


You be good – or, You be gone: The “Content of their Character,” more readily revealed.

First Revised Edition, June, 2008 (Superseding the First Edition of April 24th, 2008).